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Here are 6 areas that will help you move into winter seamlessly:

  1. Belts & Hoses—Make sure your belts & hoses are checked for wear, cracks and proper tension before winter hits.
  2. Lighting—We’ve talked about importance of making sure all your lights are replaced. Keeping the head & tail lenses free of dirt, helps the person see you coming.
  3. Battery – Have your Auto Repair Specialist(Ricks Auto Service-Mishawaka) test your battery and remove corrosion built-up from the posts and cables.
  4. Emergency Kit – Always be prepared!!
  5. Check the Tires – is the tread worn and uneven? Replace tires as needed, also make sure tires are properly inflated.
  6. Wipers – Being able to see out your window during snow and sleet, is a key component to safe driving. Your wiper blades should be replaced each year, sooner if you notice streaking, smearing or they are squeaking you may need to change sooner

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