“What is a Serpentine Belt?” “How does it work in my car?’

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“What is a Serpentine Belt?” “How does it work in my car?’ The serpentine belt looks like a long snake like winding belt, it keeps your alternator, power steeling pump, air conditioning and depending on your vehicle water pump running smoothly and effectively. The way rubber is made these days your belt should last between 50,000 to 100,000 miles. But from wear and tear and extreme weather it does need to be changed. If you fine it needs to be changed sooner it may be an underlying problem of possible Tensioner or Idler Arm problem. Signs of a failing Belt may be :

  • Squealing or chirping noises:  The belt starts slipping, is when the chirp or squeal begins. When the noise starts usually the belt stretch, low belt tension, or the pulley and belt are not working together correctly. Give us a call at Ricks Auto Service here in Mishawaka.
  • Cracks and wear: You can actually see the physical signs of failure, missing chunks, cracks, damaged ribs, uneven wear, or rib separation. We regularly check the belts when your vehicle is in for an oil change.
  • Air conditioning or power steering failure: Also, do you notice your air conditioning not working properly it could be your belt is failing or is broken. Additionally, your car’s power steering system, alternator, or water pump may fail, resulting in a serious safety issue.
  • Car breaking down: When the serpentine belt completely breaks, your vehicle will stall, which can be extremely dangerous and inconvenient. Preventative maintenance with ASE-certified mechanics is a great way to ensure your belt doesn’t suddenly break while you’re driving.

When driving with worn-out-belt you risk your engine failing, which during the Holidays is one headache we would like to take care of. We check all the belts in your vehicle, keeping your car to it’s optimum running potential.

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