“Why is my battery light on?”

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“Why is my battery light on?” The battery your car powers everything electrical in your car. Here is a list of what it charges: the engines’ control computer, the ignition system, the radio, headlights, etc., as you can see, the battery is a major force to your car’s operation. Eventually, the battery will go dead if not charged, vehicles have a built-in recharging system. Most cars’ have an alternator, also a voltage regulator(keeps battery charged & provides electricity to vehicle when the engine is running.

Your car is dependent on the battery, so, all cars have a light on the dashboard warning you if your recharging system is failing. What this could mean is a failed alternator, a broken alternator belt, a bad battery connection (extreme corrosion) or a bad battery. Unless you bring your car in we have no way to know exactly what the problem is, we can’t diagnose over the phone. We can guess, but it is only a guess until we get your car in and check it out. We certainly do not want you getting stranded, so give us a call here at Ricks Auto Service in Mishawaka, IN.

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