"Why you should not ignore your CHECK ENGINE LIGHT?"

"Have you been ignoring your Check Engine" light? So, you get in your car and the "Check Engine Light" is on, before you panic go to the gas tank: is the gas cap loose? Give cap a couple of turns to make sure it's on, is it cracked or broken? If that trick doesn't work, head on over to Rick's Auto Service, having the light on at this stage could be just minor fixes. However, the longer you wait the fix could become quite serious. The possible problems can be lengthy, here are some top culprits:

Spark Plugs & Wires, Oxygen Sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor are just a few to name. There are a multitude of reasons a check engine light appears on your dashboard. However the above four, plus a broken or loose gas cap, are the top five reasons for the check engine light. Please get your vehicle in to Ricks as soon as possible to avoid the bigger problems ahead.

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