"Are we there yet?"

Whether your car trip is 1 hour or 12 hours long, a parent will hear this dreaded 4 word phrase many times from their kids.            “Are We There Yet?”                “Are We There Yet?”

How many times have you said it as a kid!!

Does your car have a cassette player or CD, if not to buy one is not an expensive fix and could be your best investment. The local library has some great books on CD(don’t know how many tapes they still have). You can also download a number of different items.The list runs from Preschoolers to High Schooler & Adults, have a summer reading list, great way to get that in. I spy with my little eye, running thru the alphabet will not get you thru 4+ hours of driving but I know the books/movies on cd will.

               Making a long trip, don’t forget to call us at Ricks Auto Service in Mishawaka, IN, we can take care of all your car needs. We’ll get you in out and on the road, have errands to run before that long trip no problem we have “free Loaners”.

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