"Do I need to get an alignment?"

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Do I need to get an alignment for my vehicle? If you are driving straight as an arrow then you probably don't need an alignment. First things first, if you veer to the right or left, you might need an alignment. But, before you run to your friendly mechanic, when was the last time YOU checked your tires pressure. Also inspect and check the "wear" on your tires. You can start by looking at your tires, but don't use that as your only method. You really need to use a tire-pressure gauge, it costs between $5-$30 dollars. Check sticker on your door or in the maintenance or car care section in the vehicle's owner's manual. That done, does your steering wheel vibrate when braking, which may be due to the wheels are out of balance or bent, depending on size of pothole you've hit. When braking are you veering to the right or left?

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