"Fall & Winter ready"

Getting “Fall & Winter ready” We are entering into the colder weather still can’t bring myself to saying, well it’s white that’s all I’m going to say!!So as the temperatures become extreme, they can be very hard on your car. Here are some beginning steps to take before the weather takes over.


     With daylight savings time almost on us, it’s darker later in the morning and earlier at night. It’s hard sometimes wondering if that is a motorcycle behind me because the vehicle is missing it’s lights. Most bulbs are easy to replace. Also check all interior lights, headlamps and turn signals as well as brake lights.

2-Check those tires.  Check your owners manual for when your tires should be rotated. If tread is worn especially with ice and “snow”(oh man I said it), if you can’t replace all 4 you can start with one pair at a time ensuring even wear. Also, check the condition of your spare, nothing is worse than going for your spare and it’s flat.

3-Replace worn wiper blades.   If you are having difficulty seeing the road, it’s time for new ones.

4-Examine your brakes.  Are your brakes making noise, excessive brake dust on your wheels, may be a sing the brake pads are worn and need replacement.

When you have an oil change here at Ricks Auto Service in Mishawaka, IN we check your brakes, and will let you know any sign of trouble.

5-Lift the hood. Again when you bring your car to Ricks Auto Service, we check the fluids, hoses and many other services. But you can check the fluids – transmission, coolant, oil, radiator, power steering, brake & Air Conditioning fluid.

6-Test the battery.  While under the hood check the battery. A poor functioning battery can harm your car’s charging system or starter, using a multimeter it should register to 12/6 or above.

7-Check the heater and defroster.   Check both front and back defrosters, nothing is as obvious and frustrating then not being able to see on those freezing mornings.

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