"Fall is just around the corner."


It is deceiving, the weather going into next Wednesday runs from 85 to a 69 on Sunday. But…the sign of fall is just around the corner. Notice more leaves, the squirrels look a lot fatter and seem to be getting thicker fur around them. We certainly are experiencing summer gone and full throttle into Fall. If you have been putting off that Oil Change or you’ve been putting off the more expensive needs of your car, Please wait no longer before it becomes a major expense.  Give us a call at Ricks here in Mishawaka, 574-255-4724, or web Ricks Auto Service Mishawaka. Can’t wait on the Oil Change, no problem let us know and we can reserve one of our “Free” Loaner” Cars.

As one Service center put it so eloquently:

     Time to prepare our homes and our hearts for the changing of the seasons; reflecting on the many blessings we have been afforded and find the ways we can bless others.  Always the more difficult, kindness endures over all.

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