"It's not running Right"

Car Trouble Symptom                    Description

Cuts out                    Temporary, complete loss of power. Engine quits at

                                Irregular  intervals. May occur repeatedly or intermittently,

                                Usually under heavy acceleration.

Detonation                Mild to severe pings, usually worse under acceleration.

                               Sounds like popcorn popping.

Dieseling                  Engine runs after ignition switch is turned  off.

                              Runs unevenly and may make knocking noises.

Hesitation                Momentary lack of response as accelerator is passed. Can occur

                              At any speed, usually most severe when starting  from

                             complete stop. May cause engine to stall.

Miss                       Pulsation or jerking  that changes with engine speed. Exhaust has

                             Steady  spitting sound at idle or low speed.

                             Not normally felt above 30 mph.

Rough Idle              Engine delivers limited power under load or at high speed.

Sluggish                 Doesn’t accelerate as fast as normal. Loses speed going uphill.                                   

                            Vehicle has less speed than normal.                                                     

Spongy                  Little or no increase in speed when accelerator is pressed

                           Continuing  to push pedal down will eventually increase speed.

Stall                     Engine stops running or dies. May occur at idle or while driving.


Surge                  Vehicle speeds up and slows down with no change to accelerator

                          pedal. Can occur at any speed.

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