"My Brake".....

"My brake" is often how customers start when experiencing some difference in braking. Here are some red flags if your brakes are doing or feeling the following:
1.Brakes are vibrating when you step on them: It occurs when the metal of the calipers are grinding against the metal of the rotors.
2. Squealing & grinding noises usually mean the brake pads are wearing out. 
3.Vehicle pulls to one side when braking. Common causes could be a stuck caliper, collapsed brake hose, uneven wear on pads or brake fluid impurities.
4. Brake Pedal feels different. Knowing how your brakes feel-if you experience mushy brake(pressing all the way down) or the opposite when the brakes engage at hardly any touch.
5. The ABS Light illuminates. If the light comes on the dashboard it could mean your computer has detected a problem with the braking system.
Give us a call if any of the following happens, so you aren't left without brakes, a truly needed item when one is driving!!
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