#TBT Buckle up it's the Law.

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Doesn’t matter how far. just belt up! Seatbelts save lives. Buckle up everytime. Click it or ticket! The earth spins at 1,000 mph. Wear your seat belts.

AND MY FAVORITE: Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car!

SO my #TBT is all about SEATBELTS, all you wanted to learn and then some!!!

American car manufacturers Nash (in 1949) and Ford (in 1955) offered seat belts as options, while Swedish Saab first introduced seat belts as standard in 1958. After the Saab GT 750 was introduced at the New York Motor Show in 1958 with safety belts fitted as standard, the practice became commonplace.

Seat Belts and the Law. In 1983, front seat belt wearing regulations for drivers and passengers (both adult and children) came into force. In 1989, wearing rear seat belts became compulsory for children under 14.

Federal laws hold cars and trucks to the standards that were in effect at the time of their manufacture. Therefore, pre-1966 cars aren't required by federal law to have seat belts. State laws do vary, however. Some hobbyists like that they can drive vintage cars and trucks without seat belts.

There are mandatory safety belt laws in all states except New Hampshire. In some states, these laws cover front-seat occupants only, but belt laws in 29 states and the District of Columbia cover all rear-seat occupants, too.

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