”Tire Talk: Dangerous '#fenderbergs' prevent tires from turning “

”Tire Talk: Dangerous '#fenderbergs' prevent tires from turning “ 
These are sometimes called fenderbergs(the snow that builds up in your wheel wells) because, like icebergs, you only see the top layer. The majority is stuck to the top of the inner fender.
It takes very cold conditions for these to build up, plus the road must be wet with slush. The slush is splashed up into the wheel well, where it freezes to the top of the fender liner, suspension and, often, to the inside of the wheel well.
#Suspension and #tire damage may occur if the fenderbergs get big and become solid blocks of ice. When the car hits a large bump, these can limit the suspension travel and force the tire sidewall to take a much bigger hit than it is designed for.
Another problem is ice buildup between the wheel spokes. If you have been driving in deep snow for a while, forcing the car to plow ahead, snow gets in between the wheel spokes and freezes there.
At slow speeds, it is not an issue; but once you reach highway speeds, the wheels can be grossly out of balance with the weight of the ice. All it takes is a few ounces to throw the wheel into a serious vibration.So, for both these problems, get in there with your snow brush and start hacking the ice off before it builds up
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