"What are symptoms of a bad Bearing?"

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Noise is a classic sign of a bad Wheel Bearing or Wheel Hub Bearing. Here are some indicators of a worn wheel hub bearing or other wheel-end damage:

Snapping, clicking or popping.

When you are turning you may hear this noise when turning a sharp corner. What this might be is a worn or damaged outer CV-joint, but it could be an excessive bearing endplay, which means it could be inadequate clamping due to wear.

• Grinding when the vehicle is in motion.

So, when you hear this, in the wheel-end system. Means it is mechanical damage. When turning or there is a shift in the load the noise is usually louder.

• Knocking or clunking.

This is not necessarily associated with bearing, but could be excessive play in CV-joints or U-joints, or by excessive backlash in the differential gears. When you are shifting from changing directions, going forward to reverse or transitioning from accelerating to coasting.

• Humming, rumbling or growling.

If bearing-related, the noise or vibration is present when driving in a straight line, but intensifies when turning the steering wheel slightly to the left or right. Typically, the side opposite the rumbling is the defective side.

• Wheel vibration and/or wobble.

If this is related to the hub or bearing, usually indicates loss of clamp or a bearing with extreme mechanical damage, are the lug nuts properly torqued.

• Shudder, shimmy or vibration at a constant speed.

This is more indicative of a worn or damaged suspension components or tires out-of-balance.

• Abnormal side pulls when brakes are applied.


The most common are worn or damaged suspension components, misalignment, improper inflation or tire selection. While extreme bearing wear or looseness can cause abnormal tire wear, it is typically related to other failure modes.

• ABS failure, which could be internal or external to the bearing or hub bearing assembly.

Worse case scenario it could be damaged internal and external sensors caused by too much end-play and lack or loss of bearing clamp.

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