"What does that Brake Noise tell you?"

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“What does Brake Noise tell you?”

Ever wonder "what that Noise is when I brake?" Is it a grinding noise? That can tell you that possible rust is building up on the rotors. Caught soon enough and the rust can be removed and grinding noise stops. If the grinding persists, that could indicate a more serious problem and should not be ignored.

Are your Brakes making loud squeals? Disc Brakes have a wear indicator, as it wears down it starts squealing which tells you to change the pads.

What about trace squeaks or squeals? Semi-metallic brake linings can emit sound. If rain, humidity or cold first thing in the morning, brakes cn make that sound. As with the other sounds don’t ignore if it continues during the day, have the brakes checked out.

Are the Brakes making a Clicking sound? This also may be accompanied by a slight pulsing in the brake pedal at low speeds. It could very likely be the Ant-lock Braking System performing a harmless self-check.

Quick review Disc Brakes = moisture, thinning brake pads or inexpensive brake pads with high metal content.

Drum brkes= rear drum brake squeaks when shoe-to-backing-late contack points need lubrication.

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