"Why do head gaskets leak?" "Can you drive with a bad or leaking Head Gasket?"

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“Why do head gaskets leak?” and “Can you drive with a bad or leaking head gasket?” Those were questions that were asked of our Auto Mechanics this week. One of the main causes of a blown or damaged Head Gasket is extreme heat. If your cars’ engine is running hotter that it was made to do, it can warp the metal in your engine which can cause a blown head gasket. The gasket is not able to seal properly because of the warp.  Here are some different causes that might allow your cars’ engine to overheat:

  • Leak in the cooling system: if you have a leak in your radiator, water pump, hoses, had gasket or thermostat housing your engine isn’t going to be able to cool properly. If you can’t find the leak take the car to a mechanic.
  • Coolant issues: even if you don’t have a leak in the coolant, if you put the wrong coolant, or the coolant-to-water ratio is off, you may have problems with your engine staying cool. Check your manual, get the system flushed and put the proper mix in.
  • Blocked hoses : so, no leak and the coolant is installed correctly, check your coolant hose. With regular driving dirt or the road sediment can get into and block the flow of fluid in your hoses. Again, flushing the system and refilling your coolant take is the preferred way to get things running correctly.
  • Radiator problems: do you have a problem with your radiator? If there are leaks, clogs or problems with the radiator fan the heat can’t escape the vehicle. The temperature is sure to rise. Your favorite Mechanic will be able to diagnose your problem, correct it and get you on the road.
  • Broken water pump: you have a water pump in your vehicle, it’s job is to help pump and propel your engines coolant throughout your cooling system. If there is a problem with the water pump, leak, shifting of shafts or eroded impeller vanes, you may need a new pump.

As with any vehicle keeping it regularly maintained, your Auto Mechanics will be able to find the problems, hopefully before it damages the Head Gasket. If you notice the temperature gauge rising, give us a call at Rick’s Auto Service, here in Mishawaka,IN. We have free loaner cars, when you call, reserve one for your use.

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