"Why do I need to wash my car?"

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To Wash or Not to Wash Your Car! "Do I need to wash my car?"

I hate to be the one to tell but washing your car yourself is the safest. Cars can be scratched, or as did happen to one of ours, it got parked to close and the machine took out our mirror. That was not cheap.

So what will you need to clean your car:

  • Use a Liquid Soap, in the powdered stuff, some of the crystals may not fully dissolve thus causing scratches. Don’t use Dishwashing liquid, make sure it’s for automotive use.
  • A bucket, you see the one I used, couldn’t find our regular bucket so I grabbed a garbage can(this was a clean bucket, if you are grabbing anyone make sure it wasn’t used for something else, such as drain oil or chemicals.
  • Get a good quality sponge or wash mit, using a mit over a clothe is it less likely to hit the ground and have dirt or rocks on it.
  • If you are like us, and we get stuck driving where there is tar: get a good bug and tar remover. Try different ones till you find the right one
  • Towels for drying. Make sure the towels or chamois is 100% cotton, having one that “Absorbs well” is the best

To Start: take a minute to rinse wheel wells:

  • Make sure you are out of direct sunlight.
  • Spray the entire car,taking note of large areas of grime and dirt, give some attention to wheel wells.

Next spray bug and tar remover: front grill, front of the side mirror housings .

  • Do not leave on for a long period of time as it can take of the wax. You want to soften the bug or tar with the remover, get it AS QUICKLY as possible.

Mix the concentrated solution of car wash liquid (1 cap of detergent to 1-2” of water). You are ready to wash.

  • Scrub off the bogs and tar before moving on to washing the rest of the car.
  • Start at the top and work in sections. Trying to keep the entire car wet, it avoids water spots.
  • Do the roof, hood, rear trunk lid, rear bumpers, front bumper doors then fenders. Rinse mit off each time before you put it back into bucket of soap(keeps the wash bucket cleaner)
  • Everything is washed, give it a good rinsing, then start drying
  • Top to bottom
  • If a real hot day, pay attention to windows and mirrors first as water spots show up there first.
  • Then on flat surfaces roof hood.

Last but not least shine those wheels and tires. Sit back and enjoy!

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