"Why is my car heater blowing cold air?"

Today is 48 degrees and sunny, now is not the time for your car
heater to stop working. Here are a few things you need to have heat:
-First, check the coolant level. If you don’t have enough it will not blow hot air.
-Next, if enough coolant check your thermostat that could be the problem,
     if broken or stuck water will not circulate around your engine.
-If both of these are ok  is your heater control broken or clogged?
-Could there be a leak in the radiator or the water pump? Or is a hose damaged?
-Your worst fear, a leaking head gasket, which brings up much deeper problems
    than just the heater not working.
Whatever the problem, bring your vehicle by so our excellent mechanics, here at
Ricks Auto Service can take care of all your needs.
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