"Why should I change the #Air #Filter in my #Car?" "Why should I change the filter in my house?"

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 “Why should I change the #Air #Filter in my car?” “Why should I change the #Filter in my house?” Changing your Air Filter is one of those simple maintenance items that just needs to get done. For example your Engine Air Filter: this is a key part to your engine’s respiratory system, it is responsible for cleaning the air as it enters the engine compartment. It’s key to ensure the air entering is clean, because if not harmful debris from outside could get mixed with fuel and ignited during combustion.

  • Not changing the filter makes the engine work harder in it’s attempt to pull air through the restricted filter, it can create a vacuum sucking in the unwanted debris possibly causing internal damage to the components.
  • Because the engine is suffocating from the dirty air filter, it has to consume more fuel, causing a reduction in overall fuel efficiency.
  • If your filter is now full of dirt and grime, experiencing a lack of power when you accelerate hard may become the norm.

    It’s interesting pretty much for the same reasons you change the cars air filters you change your homes:

  • The blower fan in the HVAC system has to work harder to push air.
  • The difficulty in moving air means that your living areas may not get all the air they need. 
  • Because the heated or cooled air can’t travel out of the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner as easily, the system runs the risk of overheating or freezing up
  • The additional material on the air filter itself can provide a space for moisture to gather, encouraging the growth of mold or bacteria colonies.
  • Because air doesn’t circulate as quickly, particulates can settle in ducts and on household surfaces when they’d usually be carried into the system and filtered.

​By the way the filters I'm showing you are from the inside of the shop, with everyone hacking away we thought to change the filter ooopppps!!!

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