Air Cabin Filter to change or not to change.

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Air Cabin Filter to change or not to change?

When you mention Air cabin Filter,(you may know it as an Air Conditioning Filter) not many people really know where or what that is. You know what an oil filter is and an engine air filter. In most cases you maybe able to change your own in your car, check your vehicles manual for how often and where it is.

Usually behind the glove compartment or under the hood or dashboard on most modern vehicles. It basically keeps dirt and debris from getting into the passenger compartment. It filters all the air being circulated in your vehicle. “The AIR you are breathing. Cold weather is around the corner, if you really don’t have any interest to change it yourself, we can do it for you..

  One sign of a bad or failing Cabin Air Filter, is that you have a poor air flow or you are starting to get an unusual odder ( like a dusty dirty or musty smell coming from the vents). A dirty Cabin air Filter will not affect your engine performance just your AC.

However, if you don’t replace your dirty engine air filter you can have some engine performance problems for sure. In fact regularly changing your filters beginning of summer/fall or winter/spring, when driving in heavy road conditions is a great idea.

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