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3 year-36,000 mile Warranty one of the best in town.

3 year-36,000 mile Warranty one of the best in town.

Thank you Sandy for your review. Getting your Nissan Cube in, we replaced your front rotors and pads. If you had noticed your alignment or steering of your Cube a little bit difficult, replacing the Sway Bar link and Strut assembly, will make driving so much smoother. Our 3-year 36,000 mile warranty ha you covered, so glad we were able to take care of your Nissans problem. 

Electrical problems in my car

Are you having an electrical issue with your vehicle? Whether you drive a Ford, Dodge, Honda or any make or model, with the complexity of modern vehicles ever increasing, finding the problem can take time. Our technicians here at Ricks Auto Service, are trained to track down and repair even the most evasive issues in your vehicle. From a dirty battery terminal to a single fried wire or blown capacitor (originally known as a condenser). One reason why electrical issues can be so tricky, they manifest themselves in unpredictable and when an electrical connection fails it can be anywhere. The wiring system is tremendously complex and electronic modules scattered throughout modern vehicles, sometimes repairing the issue seems hopeless. Our trained technicians will resolve where the connection is bad tracking down and replacing the component that is the culprit. With our high-end diagnostics equipment and our amazing Technicians we have a winning team!! From engine not cranking, battery ... read more

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