Basic car care - part 1 TIRES

 Ricks Auto Service Front  
The cars & trucks we drive today are more complex and complicated then
earlier vehicles. Today we have more computer electronics, silicon chips
and higher quality engines.  All that said, the basic car care still applies
to all the vehicles we drive and will extend the life and durability of all your
   This isn’t as intimidating as one would think, do a visual check of exterior.
Tires, check at least every week, especially in our extreme temperatures.
What to look for? Your drivers door should have a sticker that shows the
PSI(pounds per square inch) If you don’t have a tire gauge, get one at a auto supply
store, or Wal-Mart or Meijers most certainly have them. Check with us about
how inflated your tire should be.
A visual check is just as important and can
tell you a lot. You can see if the tire needs air or if they look equal.

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