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BRRRRRRRRRRRRR it’s cold out there!! Your poor car has been sitting there overnight, in the cold your battery is far less effective, the oil is real thick. If your engine is cranking slowly, have your battery checked, especially if it is more than 3 years old. If you’ve been a long time customer here at Ricks Auto Service in Mishawaka, we have the history of your vehicles in our computer and can tell you that information. What happens if your battery is over 3 year old as it may have lost some of it’s original reserve capacity, if you aren’t sure we can test your battery. When you are getting the battery checked it’s not a bad idea to have your alternator and charging system looked at too. Make sure your battery terminals are clean and corroded and the cable look good too. Making sure your battery and charging system are both in optimum condition. Making sure you are using the right engine oil, using a low-viscosity oil such as SW-20 this oil flows better in cold weather. Although some prefer the 10W30, it’s not optimum for this type of weather because it’s thicker and puts a toil on the starter motor and battery. If you are like us and use your garage for other things instead of your car, keeping your vehicle in the best possible shape will pretty much guarantee your car starting when you need it to.


  • Having proper coolant , a mix of antfreeze and water (50/50).
  • Make sure the heater & defroster are in proper working order.
  • A little thing, but one I really appreciate is wiper fluid that won’t freeze. I like having a clean windshield.
  • Don’t forget the importance of having emergency gear in your car, gloves, boots, blankets, flashlight, and high-energy snacks. You can get at any auto parts store flares and a small shovel.
  • REMEMBER: starting your car every day, even if you aren’t driving it that day in this type of weather is important.

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