Being a Severe Driver 6th way.

Being a severe driver.

 Whether it’s stop-and-go traffic, extreme weather, rough roads or heavy loads, it can sometimes be difficult to limit severe driving conditions. However, you can drive smart and improve fuel economy by observing the speed limit; avoiding aggressive driving, including quick starts and stops; not hauling unnecessary items; and keeping your vehicle properly tuned.

  • Drive Smoothly: braking and accelerating hard, you use more fuel, it also can wear the tread on your tires faster. Take it easy when you accelerator and stop.
  • Let your car warm up: especially on our cold mornings, when you go without warming up the car oil is thicker and that makes it more difficult to move around in your engine, putting a strain on the parts of your engine, it will wear quicker.
  • Drive light: If you are carrying a heavier load it will consume more gas. Also if you have a load that is more than your car can handle, the engine runs out faster.
  • What are your driving conditions? When driving consistently on harsh roads, it will ear the car’s parts more so than on smooth roads. Dirt roads, colder climates, dry climates and bumpy roads can affect tires, wheel alignment, engine and shock absorbers.

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