Can Sludge ruin an Engine?

Can Sludge ruin an Engine? Yes, Oil when left unchanged breaks down and becomes full of contaminants, which causes the oil to become thick with bi-products. The Sludge reduces the efficiency of the Oil to lubricate and does damage to sensors interfering with your Engines performance. Regular Maintenance would prevent this timely and costly problem to your vehicle.

Identifying Engine Sludge:

  • Start your engine, is your Check Engine Light on, or your Oil Change Light on?
  • Turn engine off and open the hood, check for oil splatter or you could possibly see the Sludge, check Oil if the oil is in clumps on the dip stick, good chance you have a problem.
  • Are you smelling a burning marsh mellow smell?
  • Look in the Oil pan, you may see sludge there.
  • Low Oil pressure
  • Clicking noise.  #RicksAutoService #ricksautoservicein #mechanic #mishawakaindiana #engine #brakes #transmission #CheckEngineLight #Diagnostics #Diagnosticsnearme

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