Can you drive with bad Heater Core?

Can you drive with bad Heater Core?

Faulty heater cores can lead to overheating, and driving with one can be risky. Overheating can cause engine damage, so it's important to be careful if you're driving with a car that has a faulty heater core.

What is a Heater Core? 

The Heater Core is a part in the car that circulates hot Engine Coolant. This hot Coolant is then sent back to the Radiator. The air is then blown over the hot Coolant so it can warm up before it's sent through the vents in your car.

Symptoms your Heater Core is going bad:

·Cold Air in the Cabin

If the air coming out of the Vents is cold, this might mean that there's a leak in your Heater Core and all of the hot Coolant is escaping from the tubes.

·Fog Inside Your Car

Without a functioning Heater Core, driving in cold weather can be miserable. A broken Heater Core can also cause your windows to fog up, making it difficult to see while you're driving.

  • Constant Engine Coolant Loss

Another sign that your core is going bad is if you lose Coolant.

·Sweet Smells in the Car

If you're noticing a sweet smell coming from your vehicle, it could be the Heater Core. Many people say it smells like candy, fruit, or maple syrup.

·Cold Cabin/Hot Engine

The final sign that your Heater Core is going bad is when you see two of the previous signs. If you see cold air blowing from the vents, but your Engine is overheating, this means you have a Coolant problem that can likely be traced back to the heater core.  

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If you do have any of these Symptoms :

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