Car Insurance

When someone mentions car insurance, we all think about the liability insurance the state requires us to have on our vehicles.

And we all know we can add comprehensive coverage that will help pay for damage in an accident. Usually this is applied to newer cars. But there are several other types of insurance for your car that you may want to consider purchasing for your car:

  • Extended Warranties: These are like health insurance for your car...but they're not all the same. A few are good, but many are bad.
  • Gap Insurance: You should only consider this if you're financing 85% or more of the purchase of a new car. This is because new cars depreciate faster than the loan is paid down.
  • Credit Insurance: This pays off the car loan in case of death, and is usually included in some very expensive life insurance plans.
  • Umbrella policies: These include liability coverage above other policies, and are usually very good for additional liability coverage of all kinds. These are also usually very inexpensive.



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