Car leaking Antifreeze or Coolant

Car leaking Antifreeze

If your vehicle is leaking antifreeze, the problem needs to be repaired. Before you end up with a more costly issue.

Your Engine's Radiator is filled with Coolant, a 50-50 mix of Antifreeze and water. A Pump on the Engine circulates the coolant through the Radiator, Engine, and Heater. Keeping your engine running at the proper temperature—and not overheating—regardless of the outside temperature. If an Engine is low on Coolant, it can run too hot, which will hurt both performance and fuel economy. Your Engine can overheat, sustaining expensive and possibly terminal damage.

The Engine's Cooling system is complex and has many parts. A Coolant leak could be a simple fix.  Unfortunately, it could be a broken Water Pump, a blown Head Gasket, damaged Radiator. Unless you have the skill as a Technician and the Tools. Calling a skilled Technician to Diagnose the problem is essential.


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