Changes in your everyday driving that could save you $$$.

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Here are some ways in everyday driving that you can damage your car:

1.You’re not giving your car enough time to warm up.

The oil which is necessary to prevent wear on between moving parts,doesn’t work as well when it’s cold.

2.You’re shifting into drive while the car’s still rolling backwards.

I admit I’ve done that myself, the problem with this, while it’s not a major issue when going very slow, it still stresses the #transmission parts. Easy fix: when backing out of a parking spot put your foot on the brake and allow your car to come to a complete halt. Then shift the car into drive and head out.

3.You’re filling your radiator with nothing but water.

The #coolant also, prevents corrosion, besides just cooling your engine. Galvanic corrosion(you have iron, steel, aluminum, etc.) the different metals tend to react with each other, can ruin an engine as you put miles on your car. If you have good antifreeze it stops corrosion, so use with your cooling system.

4.You’re ignoring your engine’s oil.

With full synthetic #oil being used, change it every 5,000 miles, your oil still needs to be changed! Keeping the oil topped off on the dipstick and changing oil according to your manuals’ recommendation it a cheap insurance for your engine.

5.You’re not slowing down for speed bumps or potholes.

On the front end of your car, all of the parts are precisely aligned to each other. When the #alignment is disrupted, when hitting the speedbump at a high speed or hitting those famous potholes, the fun begins!! You may notice the steering is now pulling to one side or your tires are beginning to wear unsymmetrically, you’ve messed with the alignment.


What people think is that you can ignore your #Check Engine Light(CEL).  You don’t need to panic, but you do need to get this checked out, to avoid serious damage in the future.

7.You’re ignoring unsymmetrical tire wear.

If you notice the tread on your tire wearing oddly, chances are you need a wheel alignment. Tires are not cheap, so ignoring this one can ruin your tire in the long run.

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