Checks you can do for your tires.

1-Look for things embedded in each tire.

Do you see nails, stones, or other debris embedded in the treads? Remove them. But if you're goint to remove a nail, first make sure that your spare tire is inflated and in usable shape.

2-Look at the sidewalls.

Are you seeing deeply scuffed/worn areas, are there bulges, bubbles, or small slits or holes? The tires themselves do they fit evenly and snug around the wheel rims?

3-Look at the treads.

Have you ever tried the Lincoln penny head-down in the groove between the treads. I you see the top of Lincoln's head, tire probably needs to be replaced.

4-Pay attention to leaks.

Do you keep losing air in your tires, stop by and have it checked. It could be an easy fix, such as an ill-fitting rim could cause the leak. Still can't find lead, check the tire valve, you can buy a tire valve and replace.

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