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Can you guess the different filters in your car?

Most would guess cabin, air, oil and possibly engine air filters. On reading the different articles, none of them agree how many or what all the fuel filters are: I think it is safe to say that the numbers of filters vary from car to car, checking your cars manual will let you know exactly how many there are. There are also Fuel and emission valve and filter, there is also a transmission filter...only if you have an older model..  each filter having a unique job in keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

With an OIL FILTER, not changing it when needed, (or sooner if you do a lot of hard driving) could potentially damage the engine.

As your engine runs, over time metal wears down causing tiny particles to be released, when that happens the particles block the flow and can end up in the lubricant. Timely changing of the oil filter will catch those particles, unfortunately the information for when and how often differs. Some say ever two years—if you drive a lot of miles (3,000 or more) you need to have it changed more often. At Ricks’s Auto Service here in Mishawaka, changes your Oil Filter with every oil change.

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