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So we don’t forget, Maintenance is the way to be Proactive for your vehicle. When you come in for an oil change, we do check over your car completely. Setting up a maintenance schedule, letting you know safety items, immediate needs for your vehicle, then maintenance items(hopefully keeping you to in this zone instead need it ASAP-because parts are worn or broken). If you have some larger items needing to be done, don’t forget to ask for our “Free” Loaner Plans. When you come in let us know any concerns, any strange noises(don’t ignore please), funny smells, car pulling to the left or right, the engine sounds sluggish. Let our Service Writers (Rodney & Greg) know what the situation is, if a particular problem that you feel needs to be investigated, you can go for a drive with one of our mechanics, always a great thing to do. We don’t allow customer parts, because we need to use our parts, knowing the companies we deal with: We also have an amazing Warranty: 3 year and/or 36,000 miles, which is one of the best warranties in town.

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