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As the name implies, coolant, aka #antifreeze, keeps your car running cool. If you ever run low on coolant, your car's probably going to overheat. The coolant  is inside your radiator and you can typically check it by simply removing the  #radiator cap when the car is cool (never check it when it's hot or your car is running) and looking inside. Once you remove the cap you should see a line the coolant should come up to. If it's low, you can add more, but make sure you add the same type of coolant currently in the car.

How often to check it: At least twice yearly: once before summer and again before winter But it's easy enough to glance at whenever you pop open your hood.
How often to replace it: Every 2-3 years. Most coolants lose their anti-corrosive properties after two years, but anytime you see rusty fluid instead of green, red or orange, it’s time for a coolant flush. It’s not enough to add water and anti-freeze to your radiator as the fluid evaporates off. Your car’s cooling system should be flushed-cleaned by circulating water and a cleaning agent through out the engine-periodically  to completely change out the old, dirty  fluid.

#COOLANT #FLUSHESare an essential part of automobile #maintenance. They can be done at home, but read the owner’s manual for specific directions on refilling the coolant in your car, as air can get trapped in the various nooks and crannies of your engine system, BETTER YET GIVE US A CALL @ Ricks Auto Service 574-255-4724.

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