Cracked Radiator.

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My Radiator looks cracked, what happened and how important is a radiator??

The radiator is what keeps your car’s engine cool, so don’t neglect it, warning signs are obvious. One of the first signs is that the water temp. gauge will start rising. A normal reading should be the needle will be under the center line. A low reading may mean the gauge is broken, or the thermostat is stuck open, get it checked.

  • Low coolant level: one of the major reasons for overheating in your engine, check coolant at least once a month. NEVER CHECK WITH ENGINE RUNNING, LET EVERYTHING TOTALLY COOL DOWN.
  • Clogged Radiator:  dead insects, dirt, rocks, tar, loose debris. These items block the airflow and cause overheating. If you don’t see anything could be something internal…when everything is cool check coolant color, brown or discolored, or dirt floating.
  • Heat exchange materials: this is usually only with older cars, newer cars are more efficient, so this usually doesn’t enter into the problem.
  • Radiator cap: Believe it or not, if the cap is broken it could compromise the pressure.
  • Thermostat: and lastly but not only is the thermostat, if stuck the water can’t circulate properly if at all. And could cause overheating.

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