Do all cars have a Catalytic Converter?

Do all cars have a Catalytic Converter? Since 1974, most gasoline Cars and Trucks have a Catalytic Converters. The job of the Catalytic Converter is that it reduces Toxic Gases and Pollutants that can harm us. It can also improve your Vehicles’ efficiency. If your Catalytic Converter is not working you will smell the result, it smells like Sulphur. Another function, like a Muffler, the Catalytic Converter will reduce some of the loud Exhaust sound. Vehicles produced after 1974 are required to have a Catalytic Converter. The Camry, Ferrari F430, RAM 2500 have two Catalytic Converter making them targets for Catalytic Converter theft. Other Vehicles such as Honda Jazz, Toyota Prius, Toyota Auris, Lexus RX and those Trucks that are taller (4x4s) are also targets of Converter theft.      

There are precious metals in the Catalytic Converter: Rhodium, Platinum and Palladium. If you do not want to get expensive plates to cover the Catalytic Converter (they can still saw thru the bolts). You can park your Vehicle in your garage or lighted area. If you are out and about parking your car in a busy area or one with bright lights. Thieves may think twice about stealing the converters.


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