Regular maintenance is one of the single things you can do as a car owner, keeping your car in tune can do the line save you money on costly repairs. Preventive Maintenance is like getting regular checkups with the doctor, it keeps you healthy and happy, same goes for your car. Catching anything serious before it becomes a major problem! Come by Ricks Auto Service here in Mishawaka IN, we can get you in out and on your way, can’t wait? Don’t forget to ask for one of our free loaners. Here is a list of items on your list, this is in no way the total list.

Alignment, Cabin Air Filter, Cooling System Differential Service, Engine Air Filter, Fuel System, Oil Change, Power Brakes, Serpentine Belt, Spark Plugs, Steering, Timing Belt, Tire Rotation & Balancing, Transfer Case Service, Transmission, Windshield Wipers to name a few, will go in depth about each item.

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