During COVID-19 do I need to start my car

Did you know? If your car, truck or SUV sits to long, your battery could die, the tires can develop flat spots and the engine oil can start to deteriorate. If you drive a little each week and a little TLC for your vehicle goes a long way. When starting your car weekly, run it for about 5 minutes.

Tires: keeping proper tire pressure does improve vehicle performance and gas mileage.

Brakes: rust can start to form on the brake rotors, especially if sitting outside. Driving once a week can help prevent rust buildup.

Fuel: Keeping the tank full helps limit gas-tank condensation. If you are at all concerned about your tank going bad, you can purchase a fuel stabilizer that helps extend the life of your fuel.

Battery: The way todays vehicle, have several computers that are operating. If your car, truck or SUV sits to long without recharging your battery could die in a couple of weeks.

Oil: The Oil can deteriorate if the car sits to long. Continuing to change your oil at the proper intervals if not putting on miles.. Check the owner’s manual for maximum time between oil change.

Cleaning: Keeping the outside cleaned can help prevent rust. Cleaning the interior is important too.

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