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From the radiator to water pump your cooling system keeps your car running down the road. Driving your car, your engine produces lots of heat, and keeping that heat in check is the critical job of the cooling system. The cooling system is comprised of the following parts….

Water Pump, Radiator, Thermostat, Hoses, & Coolant.

Common Problems cars have with the cooling system. Broken Hoses, Broken fan belt, faulty radiator cap,  water pump failure & Head gaskets of course with every day wear these items will break down. But Preventive Maintenance can save you $$$, by taking a little extra time and regular visits to your favorite mechanic(Rick’s Auto Service in Mishawaka) . Let your mechanic know if there is leaking, overheating or any coolant leaks.

  • Check all belts and hoses regularly. (at oil change is a good time). Adjust as needed.
  • Change your coolant every 2 - 3 years depending on the manufacturers recommendations. You can check the freeze point of your coolant with an anti-freeze tester available at any auto parts store. Look out for coolant leaks underneath the car, they could be signs of trouble to come.
  • Inspect your radiator cap for deterioration of the rubber seal. Replace if you think it is worn. $5 - $10 is cheap insurance. Also, inspect radiator, water pump, core plugs for leakage.
  • Drain, flush, and refill cooling system every 30,000 or 60,000 miles – depending on your driving habits. It gets all the corrosion which has built up out of the system.

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