Engine cranks but will not start.

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Engine cranks but won’t start.

It gets interesting, so a crank/no start is when you turn the key and you can hear the engine moving but it’s not catching and running.  You can first eliminate all the above causes in this article, you’ve confirmed that your starter, cables and battery connections are likely good. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t hear the engine turning over when you turn the key.

There are a few causes of this type of no-start, but we will cover the basics. An engine needs three things to run:

  • A fuel supply; without fuel, the engine won’t run.
  • A spark(for gasoline-powered engines). The spark is delivered to the combustion chamber via the ignition system. If you have a fault here, the engine won’t start.
  • Mechanical integrity. 2 parts to the timing: the correct ignition timing: spark plug needs to fire at the proper time, and you need the engine to be mechanically in time the piston and the valves need to be working in concert in order for the engine to run.
  • The engine needs to be mechanically sound, the compression needs to be there.

As you can see, it is so important to get your car into the shop, so we can test it out and give you the right problem not guessing what it could be but what it actually is.



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