Fall Driving Safety What month do most car accidents occur?


Did you know that more car crashes happen in the fall not winter? (I did check other sites and they are all different!!!) But most agree that late afternoon and evening can be a dangerous time

When wet leaves accumulate on the road, they become very slippery. Most people don’t realize that driving on wet leaves can be as dangerous as driving on black ice.

Water sits on top of the leaf’s waxy coating, creating a film like that found on ice.

     Roads covered with wet leaves can be as bad as black ice. When you brake or speed up going around corners hitting that pile of leaves can cause your vehicle to spin.


 As the weather and road conditions change with the season. Drive on wet leaves the same way you would drive during icy road conditions.

Allowing yourself the time to take turns at a slower pace. Making sure there is ample distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Don’t jerk your wheel, brake suddenly, or speed up. If you drive too fast, you may have trouble stopping in time. Which can cause you to rear-end another car or lose control. If you do begin to skid, turning your wheel into the skid can help you regain control of the vehicle


Leaves can also stick to the road, hiding dangerous potholes and other road defects. 

Oils released during the first 15 minutes of a rainstorm can cause for slick roads. Pairing the oil with the leaves can lead to a messy conclusion. Knowing what to look for and using these tips can help you avoid accidents and mishaps on the road this fall.

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