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Last week temperatures were in the 50’s,  for the holidays it looks like about 30-40’s. Is your vehicles heater working? Are you ready to travel over the Holidays?

As an experienced engine and repair specialist in Mishawaka, IN, we are here to help. There are some different reasons why your car’s heating isn’t working and how we can fix it.


Not Enough Coolant


Most vehicles use long-life coolant (mixture of 50/50 antifreeze and water) in the radiator. The coolant provides protection against boiling in hot weather and freezing in cold temperatures, with little or no maintenance.

If your heater is blowing out cool air, it could be because you’re too low on coolant. When you’re low on coolant, your engine won’t be able to send any to the heater core to create warm air.


Issues With Your Heater Core

heater core is a part of your cars cooling system. It is a tiny radiator that is used to disperse heat and allow your heater and defroster to function. The primary purpose the heater core serves is heating the cabin of your vehicle.


Coolant may not be making its way to the heater core. The air from the blower motor may not be reaching it, or there may be a clog in the small tubing of the heater core. If your car isn’t blowing warm air, and your coolant level is good, then the issue may be with your heater core. Watch out for these four signs that you may have an issue with your heater core:

  • Fog inside your vehicle
  • A fruity, sweet-smelling odor
  • Your car is running through coolant
  • Your engine is overheating

Get Help From a Mishawaka IN, Engine and Heat Repair Specialist

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