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What do you do if you start hearing or have been hearing a weird noise?

The easy answer is to get an inspection by ASE Certified Tech. They can find the cause and also find other damage it may have caused.

To protect yourself, though, you should take the time to listen to turn off the CD player, roll down the window - and listen to your car:

  • Worn or lose fan belt (high pitched, loud squeal -- especially when cold)
  • Thumping separated tires (thud, thud)
  • Wheel bearing (grinding or growling)
  • Overheated engine (hissing and steam)
  • Brakes (squeal or grinding)
  • Engine (knocking or tapping)
  • Front end/suspension (creaking or knocking)

How to save TIME and MONEY on these kinds of problems...

Keep a note pad in the car and make notes on problems as they come up:

  • Time of day
  • Description
  • Weather Driving conditions
  • Noise type

Take your notes to your tech - AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE IT. Go for a test-drive with them and identify the specific problem. If you help them pin-point the problem, it will save you diagnostic time and money!



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