Here are some questions that our Auto Mechanics may want to know about the "Noise" of the car:

Have you ever called your friendly Auto Mechanic Shop and they seem like they are asking 20 questions or more? There are times when fixing your car is not easy, because like our bodies, if not taken care of can be major problems and can be expensive. So, we have to do some detective work, if you are like me I’ve driven my car for quite some time. My car is well broken in, so when things don’t sound right, it’s not “purring” for me, I’m able to tell our staff just exactly what I am hearing.

For example: having my “Check Engine Light on” could mean so many things, from an easy fix, the gas cap was put on wrong or needs to be replaced.

The best way to start diagnosing any vehicle noise is to answer the following questions. If you can answer all of these questions you are 90% there !

  • Is the noise when the vehicle is stopped or moving or is it intermittent?
  • If noise is speed related how fast/ slow are you going?
  • Is it coming from the inside or outside of the vehicle?
  • Where in the vehicle is the noise coming? Front, Middle Rear?
  • Does it matter the speed is the noise there?
  • What is the sound…is it a knock or a rattle?
  • When accelerating is the noise louder or softer?
  • What is the temperature outside?
  • Does the weather make a difference Hot or cold when it is making the noise?
  • Is the vehicle noise coming from the engine?
  • When you are turning is the noise happening or is it when you are going straight?

while accelerating or braking is the noise happening? 


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