How do I drive in the rain?

  1. Turn on those headlights. In reading up on the material, I didn’t realize that it’s the law in all states for your headlights to be on. Your visibility is low, also, in many states when your windshield wipers are being used your headlights need to be on.
  2. Think. How often do you just drive, driving is often done out of habit. If your driving conditions are less than ideal, we need to be alert and focused to what is going on around me.
  3. Beware of hydroplaning. When your tires are getting more traction on the layer of water then on the road (called Hydroplaning) your car slides uncontrollable. Let off the accelerator slowly & steer straight until you get control
  4. Turn off cruise control.  This is important for me, because on rain or snow slick surfaces, you may lose control because of cruise control. If hydroplaning while in cruise control your car goes faster.
  5. Slow down. Your speed limits are designed for ideal conditions. When it rains the conditions are way worse, so let up on the gas, and allow more time to get where you are going.

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