How do I know if my Crankshaft Pulley is bad?

Car owners know that there are a lot of moving parts in an engine and when any one of them breaks, it can affect the operation of the car. One part that is particularly important is the crankshaft pulley, as it connects two belts—the alternator belt and power steering belt—to the crankshaft and engine. If your crankshaft pulley breaks, you may experience a battery light on your dashboard, hard steering, and other symptoms. Let’s dive into what to do if this happens.


How do I know if my Crankshaft Pulley is bad? 

The Crankshaft Pulley is an essential component of an Engine because it helps transfer power from the engine to multiple components via two Belts. The first Belt from the Alternator powers your car’s electrical system while the second belt powers the Power Steering System, making sure turning is easier. Without these belts connected to the Crankshaft pulley, your car won’t run properly or at all.


What Happens When It Breaks?

When a Crankshaft Pulley fails or breaks, it can cause several problems with how your car operates. First, you may notice a Battery Light illuminated on your dashboard. This indicates that either there isn’t enough power being produced by the Alternator or not enough being delivered to other electrical components in your car due to a lack of tension in one of the Belts connected to the Crankshaft Pulley. You may also experience some difficulty when trying to Steer as well since this could be caused by a lack of tension in one or both of those belts connected to it as well.

If you suspect that your Crankshaft Pulley has failed or broken off completely, then you should get it checked out immediately by a qualified Mechanic who will be able to accurately diagnose and repair any issues related to it. They will check for any cracks or wear-and-tear on both Belts attached to ensure they are able to function properly when they are reattached after repairs have been made. Additionally, they will check for any other issues that could be causing similar problems such as misalignment between components or worn-out Bearings which can lead to increased friction on components over time and reduce their effectiveness when running together as intended by design. After diagnosing any additional problems with related components like bearings, they will replace them if needed before reinstalling everything back together again so that it runs correctly once again like new!

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