How do I know my brakes are bad?

How do you know your brakes are bad?

“Brake Light” is on: Call us as soon as possible, we will do a free brake inspection. Letting you know what needs to be done, to get you back on the road safely.

Ugghh you are hearing the “grinding, squealing, squeaking noise”: indicates that your brake pads & shoes need to be inspected.

Do you feel a “vibration or scraping” in the steering wheel? Don’t wait to long your rotors might be starting to warp, your want your rotors smooth and even.

“Fluid is leaking”, if it is dark brown it could be aged motor oil, or brake fluid which has a dark brown appearance.

“Spongy brake” or “soft brake” – Spongy brake hesitation when braking. Usually when you brake the pedal goes down easily. Could be air in the brake lines.

“Pulling to one side when braking” the rotors are worn or warped.

“Burning smell” sort of like the smell of burning hair(stinky!). It may mean you are burning your brake pads.

“Bounces up and down” when you stop. The rotors could be warped.

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