How often do I need to change my Oil?

Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance!!! Being aware of the total Health of your Vehicle is key to keeping you on the road with a well oiled Car! When you get an Oil Change at Ricks Auto Service here in Mishawaka, we also do a Health Assessment of your entire Vehicle. The Health Assessment is a 50 point check on your Vehicle. This allows us to partner with you in a long-term care of your vehicle. Our 36,000 mile 3-year warranty backs up our work and gives you peace of mind. If unsure how often your Oil should be changed check your Owners Book in the glove box, also if you do a lot of rough driving, considering changing it sooner.

Keeping  your family safe on the road is number one in our shop. Just as the human body can not live without blood, the Oil is the lifeline to your Vehicle. Lubricating the Engine, while cooling your Engines’ moving parts. When  you don’t keep the Oil cleaned and do an Oil Flush, you allow sludge to build up. The longer you wait, the Oil will be contaminated. This sludge will compromise your Engine causing major damage. The oil also removes those deadly particles and the sludge, (dirt is deadly to the engine, when dirt gets in it may cause the engine to work harder and decrease engine life). It may improve gas mileage, (when your oil is compromised it compromises the engine). Keeping the oil cleaned on a regular basis supports longevity for your vehicle.  #ricksautoservicein #Mishawaka 

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