How To Avoid Getting Ripped-off

Did you know that there's a law out here to protect you as an auto repair consumer? If you don't know about it, it could cost you hundreds!

It's called the R-D-I- law, and it stands for: remove, disassemble and inspect.

When you are quoted a price for disassembly, in order to inspect, and determine what is wrong, the quote must include the cost of putting the vehicle back together, unrepaired. This is not unlike exploratory surgery when they don't remove the tumor.

Once a technician is inside and finds a problem, that is your car's problem, and it is YOUR responsibility to pay to have it fixed.

Also, if a part breaks on disassembly, it is not the shop's fault that your car is rusty, or has brittle, aged parts.

BUT, once they find out what the internal problem is, if you decide NOT to fix the car, and ask them to put it back together, this should be done at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.



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