Is a Clutch important in a Car?

Is a Clutch important in a car? I’ve driven a Manual Shift Car, it has the third Pedal, you change Gears from first Gear to fourth Gear and Reverse.  The Clutch allows the car to change speed and come to a stop without turning off the Engine. It is the mechanical device that transfers rotating power from the Engine to the Wheels. Without the Clutch the Engine would spin all the time but the Wheels would not. So in order for the Wheels to be disconnected from the Engine, the Clutch allows it to smoothly engage. Have you ever seen someone who is first learning to drive a Manual Shift Car? Usually, there is a lot of jerking until you learn how to let up on the Clutch slowly to engage smoothly. Because of the friction between a Clutch Plate and the flywheel the Clutch works. In Automatics, they have gears, but the car itself handles most gear changes. That’s why you don’t have the Clutch Pedal, just the Brake and Accelerator. When replacing the Clutch Assembly Set you have to remove the Transmission so the Engine and Transmission are separated in order to access the Clutch Assembly. 

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