Is a leak in my valve cover gasket serious?

Symptoms of a bad or failing Valve cover Gasket. Is a leak in my valve cover gasket serious?

Signs of a faulty gasket: Burning oil smell, Valve cover is dirty and leaking oil, Engine low on oil, Engine is running rough and misfiring.

The job of a valve cover gasket is to protect the cylinder head from the environment. It keeps oil from escaping your motor, it is made of plastic or cork and is a seal between the cylinder head and the valve cover itself. Over time the gasket becomes brittle and it will start cracking, losing its integrity and could start leaking causing major problems it not replaced. Your gasket may last from 20,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on hard and where you drive your vehicle. From preventive maintenance to major repairs, Ricks Auto Service at 405 W. Jefferson Blvd. Call 574-255-4724, or visit online: #Valve Cover Replacement near me #Toyota mechanic near me #Valve Cover Gasket Replacement near me #Engine Replacement #Toyota #Ford #Prius #Camry

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