Is an Oil Pan Leak serious?

Is an Oil Pan Leak serious? If you are driving with Low Oil levels, that is certainly a sure way to damage your engine, replacing an Engine is way more expensive then regular Oil changes. Being stranded is no fun, especially in this cold weather in the Midwest.

What is an Oil Pan in an Engine? The Oil Pan itself is made of Aluminum or Steel, with Aluminum being the most preferred, although more expensive. The Oil Pans main function is as a reservoir for the Oil pumped through out the Engine. Having a pump resting in the pan filters out debris, dirt and other impurities that flow thru the Engine. Depending on climate, colder weather with snow accumulating, may rust out sooner than the usual replacement every 8-9 years, because of salt used on the roads.

What can cause an oil pan leak

  • Worn or damaged Oil Pan Gaskets
  •  too long between Oil Changes
  • If gasket is incorrectly installed.
  • Rings or Seals are bad.


  • Gone to long without an oil change.
  • Puddle under car-greasy brown puddle
  • Accident where oil pan actually hits something
  •  Rusty underneath Greasy Oil Pan
  • Low Oil Level
  • Smoke/burning smell coming out of the engine compartment

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